Angel and Cesar in Los Maristas uniforms with maletas, ca. 1956

Ct and Angel, 1956

Inscription on back of photo by Mother: "La risa de Angelín es para tí y Cesarito apretó la boca para que no lo vieras sin dientes - April 13/56" Photo sent to aunt Blanca by Mother: "Angel's smile is for you and Cesarito's tight mouth is to hide his toothless smile so you won't see him without teeth ..."

Cesar and Angel at a party, Infante family home, ca. 1957

Angel and Cesar at party, Holguin Tennis Club, ca. 1956

CT with Angel and baby Alex, Holguin, 1962

CT with Angel, Mother and Alex, ca. 1964


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Alex, CT, Angel, Isis with parents, at uncle Oscar's 80th birtheday, 2000

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