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balch install 01_1

Installation of La Perla with Chaperona and Potentate

Balch Institute, Philadelphia, 1992


fondo 02_1
CUBA-USA: The First Generation

Fondo del Sol, Washington D.C., 1991


travels of artist cabinet 01
Travels of the Artist, 1981-1991

Ivelin and Craig Robins Collection


large CUBA USA install
CUBA-USA: The First Generation

Art Museum, Florida International University

at New World School of the Arts Gallery, Miami, 1992

soldier rings
Self Portraits as an Art Soldier with cast silver rings, 1991-93

Atril, 1994-95


gestalt chairs studio
View of Little Havana studio in 1995


artmag objects 1992
artmag objects 1992

artmag 03
artmag 03


cfa install 01
Museum of American Democratic Art: Tumbling Chairs, 1994

Center for the Fine Arts, Miami


MADA one
MADA one

cfa install 02
MADA two


cfa installation 03
MADA three


amnesty two
Conscience Garden, 1994

(Large drawing using the pages from the Amnestry International Report of hman rights violations around the world)

surrender & compromise
Surrender & Compromise, 1992-93


diversity perversity
Diversity, Perversity, 1993

jl chairs ct pillows
Collaboration with Juan Lezcano on pillows with chairs, 1992


fidel y mas_1
Fidel y Mas Canosa son la Misma Cosa, 1993

cuadro de subasta_2
Cuadro de Subasta, 1993-94


non cede malis
Non Cede Malis, 1994