>>This is a temporary sampling album. I'm working on a database that will catalogue my work of the past 30 years. Click on images for larger view and use your BACK button!<<


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N.I.M.B.Y., 1993

cotton thread, canvas and fabric

Collection of Ivelin and Craig Robins


hanging quinceaners 1978
Installation of hanging Quinceneras and Chaperona boxes and drawings wi in the artist's home, Coral Gables, 1978

box sculpture garden shack
Art in America, 1979-80

Ruth and Richard Shack Collection


box guys on beach
Fossil Sky, 1979
box chambord shoe
Book of Hours, 1979

box boats lobby carreno
Midnight Toxic, 1979


guillotine museum miro
Guillotine Museum: Bride, 1979-80

forma 01
Forma Gallery instalation of Chaperonas, 1979


cayman table 02
Rosata Quinceañera, Cayman Gallery, 1979


forma 03
Forma installation with Cine-Calendario, 1979

cayman table 4
Cayman table with boxes


cayman documentation
Cayman documentation on table with napkins

cayman wall
Cayman wall with Chaperonas


wolfson intro
Quinceañera Works, Frances Wolfson Gallery, 1984

wolfson cabinets
Quinceañera Works cabinets with boxes, objects, napkins


wolfson exhib 2
Quinceañera Works 'chapel' with Chaperonas


wolfson exhib 03
Quinceañera Works 'chapel' with Potentates


mia generation view 03
Miami Generation, Cuban Museum, 1983


miami generation view 2
Miami Generation, boxes with Kick Back Officer, 1983


demoiselles de la petit havanne
Les Demoiselles de la Petite Havanne, 1993