Earn Dollars
Soak dollars in Rum to address and motivate Eleggua
Burn dollars as offerings to dead ancestors
Give dollars to churches, charities, foundations
Write on dollars ‘prosperity’ chain letters

Spend Dollars
Mark dollars with cause, slogan or exhortation
Address the dollar’s official presence in political cartooning
Spread messages through the circulation of dollars

Save Dollars
Use images of dollars to sell and establish products
Peg associations to dollar bills to promote social instruments

Lend Dollars
Write on dollars pick-up notes or telephone numbers
Fashion dollars into tools: tightly rolled to blow/snort powders,
as ear and nail cleaning instruments

Borrow Dollars
Paint-draw-stamp-collage dollars
Shape dollars with sculptural intent
Perfume dollars
Sprinkle dollars with talcum powder
Pin dollars to the clothes of brides and grooms
Keep a wad of dollars in one’s pocket to look cool
Fold bills origami-folkloric style: eagle, rabbit, crane, star, shirt

Give Dollars
Esthetic (advanced):
Bogg’s drawings and activities as artist
Sculptures by Cildo Meireles and Jac Leirner

Fluxus artists everywhere
Barton Lidice Benes works
Richard Saul Wurman graphics

Steal Dollars
Use dollars as props in stage
Use dollar bills for magic illusions
Make rings with bills to give as tokens of friendship
Fold bills like chewing gum sticks for service tips

Broadcast Dollars